Meditation guide

  1. Always meditate 5 minutes a day. The lifetime routine/habit is more valuable than a few hours of meditation which may intimidate me. It might seem 5 is too useless to be engaging. Over 10 minutes the meditation may be too daunting to ensure. But 5 may be better. There is never an excuse not to do 5 minutes. It is closest to a gaurantee.
  2. Use Muse. It tracks your brain waves to train your brainwaves to relax in different frequencies.
  3. Start with mantras to develop a healthy outlook and defeat depression along with cognitive distortions. “”
  4. Focus on counting breath, watching thoughts like cars passing without chasing. Observe tinier and tinier sensations.

Gratitude journal covers most of these mantras!

If you fall off the horse baby step back on. always do the daily mantra and meditation for 5 minutes. The habit is more important than the act. Grit is doing the right thing whether you feel like it or not.

I am 32 years old. Only 8 years from 40. Three are my golden years for massive accomplishments. I want to cash flow my life, let my passive income exceed my expenses this year. Review my expenses for the year.

No rally is more productive than sleep. Give attention to positive details. Life has good in it. There is a middle ground and nuance. Draw conclusions after multiple datum. You may be wrong about what people think and intend.I can choose a future of tranquility. What if the future is incredible?

I control myself. ItS PROBABLY NOT PERSONAL. I don’t control other people. Life isn’t fair. You control the stories you tell yourself. You control your emotions. I don’t control other people’s emotions nor problems only my own.It’s okay to break rules sometimes. Just because I feel something doesn’t mean its based on truth. I can swap but I don’t need to change anyone. Everyone makes mistakes.I’m not summarized by a few examples. Facts don’t care about your feelings but both matter in relationships. Working hard isn’t enough

I am focused. I transition fast. I ask what’s next and I do it. Work purely as long as possible avoid distractions like video. Avoid sugar too. When I get on my phone my goal is to say: “I have nothing to do here, that’s good, let me turn off my phone.” I quickly realize when I’m off track and I get back fast.

🌞 I meditate 🧘‍♂️ after waking, then I exercise 🏃‍♀️. Go through a to do list. .

I 😤win hof after getting into bed 🛌.



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