Journal of a senior iOS developer part 1

Build times severely waste productivity. On closer inspection, I realized it wasn’t the build times, it was how I responded to them. I watched youtube videos while I wait for builds to complete or browse the web. That means, I wouldn’t notice anytime the app finishes building, only noticing when I finished my entertainment and returned to Xcode. Sometimes its easier to change the environment than it is to change habits, and sometimes changing the environment is the best way to change habits. So I wanted to figure out if I could trigger a sound every time the build either fails or succeeds or runs or fails.

Here is how I did it:

You can set the sound for each case as seen above.

Every time I clicked play, instead of experiencing “watchful anxiety” from having to poll Xcode with my eyes every so often, in order to not waste time after a build operation concludes, I could relax fully while I wait and start the next feature or troubleshooting as soon as the build finished.

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