How to setup a git workflow abridged.

1. clone the shared repo, in this case: (<Organization>/<project>)

git clone <sharedRepo.git>

If you run


You should see it in your current local directory.

2. create a fork from the shared repo, in this case: (<Organization>/<project>) into your personal github, for example: (<yourName>/<project>)

3. now we make sure the local/cloned repo is pointing correctly.

git remote -v
git remote rename origin upstream
git remote add origin <yourFork.git>

4. Create your local develop tracking branch:

git checkout -b develop upstream/develop

The branch develop must already be in the shared remote, if it isn’t you can add it via github website by first searching for it, and when it isn’t found, an option to add develop will be provided.

5. Create your feature branch and start working:

git checkout -b develop_myFeature upstream/develop