How to use Giphy to record a demo

As commits keep piling up, and last minute fixes come in, its easy to forget to do a final run through of the app. Getting in the habit of posting a video after your last commit is valuable, for catching bugs when you are in the zone, instead of getting interrupted by QA or user complaints when you have competiting priorities.

  1. Download giphy from the app store.

2. When you open the app, you will see something like this. The green portion is the recording zone. When you click the red circle,

It will record a gif. After recording your giph, you will see this view.

Once you click save as, you can save your giph to the desktop.

After that you only need to drag it into a github pull request or medium. And these apps will store the giph and create a display link and associated markup.

Here is the giph I recorded!!! look its animating.

You can also use iMovie to create a recording and drag that iMovie file into your github pull request summary or message as well!.