How to create a Windows EC2 Instance on AWS

Sign in with your credentials.

Click on Launch Instance
Lets choose Windows OS for this example.

The more you scroll down, the more memory is being used.

You can have 750 hours of free usage of subnet (small network space on their server). A subdivision of their network.

Careful about these, they wont let you delete this.

By default Windows will have RDP, for Linux it will have the shell protocol ssh. These protocols are specifically for how to open your instance. RDP is different from Shell because it is like a new desktop, but when you are working with shell it is a terminal.

If we needed to use a new security protocol such as https we should create a new security group because the existing one might not have it.

So lets create HTTP and HTTPS because HTTPs needs HTTP

The difference between Custom, Anywhere, and MY IP are.

You can read more about these here.

For Destination, choose one of the following:

  • Custom: in the provided field, you must specify an IP address in CIDR notation, a CIDR block, or another security group. You need to have a specific IP address you have created and purchased.
  • Anywhere: automatically adds the IPv4 CIDR block. This option enables outbound traffic to all IP addresses. Route to this from anywhere. This avoids the risk of someone hacking your EC2 instance?

Note: If your security group is in a VPC that’s enabled for IPv6, the Anywhere option creates two rules — one for IPv4 traffic ( and one for IPv6 traffic (::/0).

  • My IP: automatically adds the IP address of your local computer. My local computer’s ip address is set.
This requires login credentials to open an instance.
Give your key pair a name and then download the key pair.
You should see


  1. Health check of the instance.
  2. Hardware health check.
Click Get Password
Copy your password that is provided.
Click on the magnifier.

On a mac you may need to download a remote desktop in order to read the rdp file.

I recommend using this free app to access your remote desktop protocol.

After downloading you will find it needs permissions. Grant them.

Next you should initiate/open your rdp protocol to access your remote desktop. So right click your rdp in finder and then choose Open with and then choose the app that we just downloaded.

Click continue
Then paste your password here. And click continue.
Now you have access to your virtual machine!!! Congrats.