Discussing expensive AWS services

A data warehouse service. It will analyze your data and optimize it for data ranging from hundred gigabytes to a petabyte or more.


  • Nodes: the representative of a database. Its a database itself.
  • Cluster: a group of those similar kind of databases.
  • Leader node: helps find the exact node from groups of clusters.


  • fast performance
  • secure.
  • Elastic

Redshift is expensive because it handles large amounts of data.


Configuration management service with automation tools that enable you to model and control your applications it helps in managing complete application lifecycle. It also allows application deployment. It has an automation tool called chef automation platform, which can help you automate releases and versions.


Lets say we have a video game we are launching.

  • Stack: Multiple layers.
  • Layer: First layer can have levels 1–10, Second layer can have levels 11–20 etc.


  1. Adding first stack
  2. Adding layers
  3. defining and deploying your apps.
  4. Manage your stack.

It is more costly than other services because it has deployment and maintanance phases.




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