Connect to your EC2 Linux instance

  1. Open up Terminal
Click on me

2. cd to the directory that has your .pem file. ls so you can copy and verify the name and then put the name of your .pem file in the next command.

cd Downloads
chmod 400 Linuxfirst.pem

3. Now connect your instance in AWS.

4. You will see this screen popup.

Connect Instance window

In the terminal, type (piece this together before tapping enter)

ssh -i

Then copy the name of your pem file in your directory and put it in quotes.

ssh -i "yours.pem"

Then copy and paste the address provided in the connect instance window. In this case:

ssh -i "yours.pem"

If your connection is successful you should see:

Terminal GUI

  1. Open up Terminal
Click on me

2. Click on Shell then “New Remote Connection.”


4. Now put …

Using Putty

  1. Install homebrew if not installed
/bin/bash -c "$(curl -fsSL"

You can check if you have it by running

brew help

2. Install Putty

sudo brew install putty

3. Use putty…