Amazon S3 and creating a bucket

What is the difference between object store and file system?

Why is EBS faster?

It takes a minute or two
Top left click on services then S3
Give your bucket a name
You can upload a file here.
Click on index.html
If we click on it, we will find that it is not public.

Access is denied because we are trying to make the object in our bucket public, but our bucket is private.

Remove the tick.

This still does not make the bucket public, but, it does allow access to its parts.

type confirm, then click confirm.
Select your object.
Click on the object so you see the path at top.
Now you can click “Make public”

Lets make the bucket itself public now.

Click on that circle.

Cool. Its public. Lets access it.

First it was not public, then objects can be public, now its public.

Lets host a website.

Select your bucket.
Click “Use this bucket to host a website”
Provide the name of your index.thml file. then click save
Now it’s bucket is hosting!

You can grab the url by clicking the bucket hosting.

What is the difference between hosting and showing objects?

Hosting keeps the objects in the same folder access. So paths are relative to each other. Showing objects does not, each shown object will have a uniquely generated ip.



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