We have @State, @StateObject, @EnvironmentObject, @ObservedObject, @ObservableObject, @Published. @Binding

First I recommend Checking out Data Essentials in SwiftUI WWDC.

3 key questions for a new view:

  1. What does this view need to do its job?
  2. How will the view manipulate the data?
  3. Where will the data come from?


When the view doesn’t change the value nor have power to, then use let alone without property wrappers. The data will come from the superview somewhere higher up the view hierarchy.


When the view can change the value. When the value isn’t passed in as a reference. Should usually be…

How to beat Sibo

- Kambo

- Candidate popper before bed

- Spinach salad with strawberries and goat cheese vinegrette before bed

  • Steel cut sugar free oatmeal and a big bowl of fresh fruit.
  • Low fodmap diet.

Difficulties with @Binding:

  • False positives: Computed properties give you false positives, as they somehow do not provide the latest value.

Take the following struct:

Looks normal right?

If I pass this as a Binding, the formModel, employeeDestination, authViewModel will not update properly with the binding.

Well we could do this and it will work but…

Its misleading. It will give you the freedom to assign a value to each of these variables, but it won’t actually assign a value to them. Not only that, I can’t say its very clean or swifty…

Your file structure may look similar to this:

The worst merge conflicts are ones where you have pbxproj conflicts!

Xcode can’t help you with these conflicts. You won’t even be able to open other files to check conflicts!

2. now open your pbxproj with visual studio.

Vitamin regiment


  • sugar, most vegetable fats and non fish animal fats.
  • Non acetal L-Carnitine, Lecithin, and choline can increase TMAO, which leads to heart disease.
  • Avoid eating all cow/beef fat (butter, on the meat) and avoid eating all pork/pig fat (bone broth is okay).
  • White bread, white pasta, white rice. Things that turn into a lot of sugar.

Should eat (Keto)

  • Lean meats.
  • Wild fish
  • Cauliflower rice.
  • Bone broth
  • pistachios, Brussel sprouts reduce TMAO.
  • Fiber
  • Vegan breast milk.


  • Molecularly distilled omega 3, 3 with every meal, reduce triglycerides, reduce inflation.
  • Vitamin D, negatively correlated with type 1 and 2 Diabetes, happiness, mood regulation…

git checkout -b develop_<nameOfFeatureYou'reWorkingOn> # creates a new branch

Make the changes in code that you want.

Go into GitKraken or SourceTree to add the specific lines and then make your commits.

git log # to check that your commits are there
git branch # copy the branch you are on
git push origin <yourCopiedBranch>

Go to Github, you should see, the new commits yellow banner.

If you don’t see it, you might be on the wrong branch in github.

You can also click on your fork and click on this

  1. Use Muse. It tracks your brain waves to train your brainwaves to relax in different frequencies.
  2. Start with mantras to develop a healthy outlook and defeat depression along with cognitive distortions. “”
  3. Focus on counting breath

Override common cognitive distortions and be left with natural happiness.

  1. Polarized Thinking: “Black and “White” thinking. There is a middle ground and nuance.
  2. Overgeneralization: a person comes to a general conclusion based on a single incident or single piece of evidence. If something bad happens once they expect it to happen over and over again. A person may see a single unpleasant event as part of a never ending pattern of defeat. Draw conclusions after multiple datum.
  3. Jumping to Conclusions: Believing in phychic ability to read people’s minds, fortune tell…

I sit I run I sleep on my side. I have anterior pelvic tilt. I was once diagnosed with mild scholiosis. I occassionally have carpal tunnel symptoms. I have IT band syndrome (ITBS). I have noticed that I sometimes have cracking and popping. I have underdeveloped rhomboids, trapezius, and core. I have a short psoas, a tight chest and tight arms. I’d like a more attractive manly body.

Here are the stretches I’ve come to stand by.

Do this.

It should take 18 minutes in total.

The best time to do stretches is when the body is warm. …


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