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Pair Programming

  1. You can understand and start working with Other people’s code faster When you are working…

I use the following to clear all changes

git checkout develop
git pull upstream develop --rebase
git checkout -b yourBranch
git push upstream yourBranch
git branch -u upstream/yourBranch yourBranchgit rebase develop
git rebase develop

  1. Create a new…

git clone <sharedRepo.git>
git remote -v
git remote rename origin upstream
git remote add origin <yourFork.git>
git checkout -b develop upstream/develop
git checkout -b develop_myFeature upstream/develop

3 key questions for a new view:

  1. What does this view need to do its job?
  2. How will the view manipulate the data?
  3. Where will the data come from?
  • Note: Pull out related properties into their own struct.



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